January 31, 2004

Our Mission

What is Circling the Square?

Good question.

We are a righteous knee in the groin of disinformation, fingers of Truth gouging deeply into the bloodshot eyes of deception. We delve into the deepest, darkest corners of the media; skulk through hideous movie sequels; probe paranoid publications and saucer-nut screeds. More often than not, we find hideous secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know. And we bring them to you, in the comfort of your own home. Because even in these, the END TIMES, it's all about comfort.

We believe that the End Times are Near. The Apocalypse, Ragnarok, the Rapture, X-Day: the harbingers of doom are sounding their trumps as we speak. Some people, foolishly, view the end of the world with sadness, doom, and despair. However, just think of the possibilities of working the stock market as the entire global economy goes in the crapper! Picture the amazing live news footage you're going to see! Consider the huge amounts of sex everyone's going to be having once they realize all hope is gone! Yes, we believe that, for the individual who is prepared, the end times can be lucrative and enjoyable. We're here to tell you how you too can Learn to Love the Bomb.

We believe that black-ops government/UN/scientific forces manipulate and control events in everyday life. From NASA to the ASPCA to the WWF, sinister shadow-government operatives stalk our day-to-day lives. We show you how to keep abreast of current trends in covert assassinations and mind-control. We also teach you how to throw the occasional monkey wrench (and even an occasional perfused monkey head!) into the conspiratorial machine. Like a helpful traffic reporter, we'll let you know how to avoid time-consuming torture sessions and electrode implants that could take entire days out of your life.

We believe that mysterious alien races, cryptozoological beasties, hidden sub-races of man, and monstrous Old Ones share this planet with us and manipulate us to their ends. But we'll help show you how manipulation can be... pleasurable. TV shows from Harry and the Hendersons to Mork and Mindy to A.L.F. have shown us the great gains, not to mention screwball humor, that can ensue with the proper relationship to an extraterrestrial. Just consider us to be the Brandon Tartikoff of intergalactic relations: we want to make sure the aliens aren't just entertaining, but family friendly too.

Most of all, we believe that the general public needs to be better informed. Through our radio show we kept the Greater Philadelphia area aware of the dangers and deceptions hidden in the news media; now, with this Web Page, we seek to educate the world! If you too share our goal, please let us know! We are always looking for more hard-hitting analyses of current events and news.

Keep watching the skies...and always watch your back.

Posted by scola at January 31, 2004 05:45 PM