February 18, 2004

Update: Supermice, Cuddly Infections

Here are a few developing stories we are keeping our eyes on.

Supermice: In 1999, Circling the Square reported on some rather disturbing experiments happening at Princeton, the purpose of which was to create a new race of super-intelligent laboratory mice. Here is the link to that old story (sorry about the broken images, we still have not had a chance to incorporate all of our old content into the new site). In this story, we predicted that Genius Mice would break out of their labs and take over every college and university in America. We now realize that our predictions might have been a bit premature. Though the Princeton mice were smart, they must have been too weak to do any real damage. This week, nearly five years later, we have been monitoring reports about gene therapy experiments at the University of Pennsylvania that have doubled the strength and speed of mice. Once the Princeton and Penn research is put together, scientists will able to create mice that are super-fast, super-strong, and super-smart. Sort of a combination of Speedy Gonzalez, Danger Mouse, and The Brain. Except these mice will not be harmless cartoon characters... unless some scientists find a way of genetically turning them into cartoons. Man, that would be sweet.

Cuddly Infections: Even though Valentine's Day is over, it's never to late to buy that special person in your life a token of your affection. And what could bring more joy to your significant other than a cuddly, plush model of the Ebola virus? Or perhaps your lover would like to snuggle up against a cute little Black Death bacterium. You can find these and more at giantmicrobes.com. Not just a thoughtful gift, but a chilling sign of things to come!

Posted by scola at February 18, 2004 01:18 AM

cuddly microbes? i want one!!!

Posted by: bonkers at February 18, 2004 04:12 PM